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About Sandkings

Wo and Shade Importers is happy to present semi-sentient beings called Sandkings. These creatures consist of a maw and numerous "mobiles." Sandkings exhibit a number of fascinating habits including high intelligence, psionic abilities, the ability to form complex societies, and a hive mind. They are also incredibly easy to care for and can fit most anywhere.
  • High intelligence: Sandkings are intelligent creatures that will fascinate even the most avid observers of non-human organisms. Each mind displays a distinct personality that is noticeable and borderline human. They are able to cope with change in a logical manner and interact with other sandkings on a complex level. They recognize images and even faces, particularly that of their owners. Sandkings are fully capable of adapting to their surroundings and under many circumstances. Some have even been known to evolve into other, noninsectoid forms.

  • Psionic abilities: Sandkings can form psychic links with nearby minds, allowing them to become familiar with their surroundings. This also allows owners to become closely bonded with their sandkings. Not to worry, though, these connections remain fully within the human's control.

  • Ability to form complex societies: One of the most dazzling features of Sandkings is their interaction with their tankmates. At the very start, your sandkings will construct castles. Sandkings adopt gods-- namely their owners or the one who feeds them-- but demonstrate basic military and political tactics as they develop in full-scale societies. As such, it is best to purchase two or more sandkings to watch this amazing ability to interact.

  • Example of a sandking castle with an image of their "god."

  • Hive mind: Sandkings share a single mind: the maw. The maw produces mobiles that roam the surface world and return with food to the maw. Much like bees serving a single queen, only the mobiles all move according to one command and as such, cooperate exquisitely to overcome even the greatest of obstacles.

  • Easy to care for: Sandkings do not require any special foods. Table scraps make excellent meals for your maw. Mobiles are self-sufficient, so long as the maw is well-fed.

  • Can fit almost anywhere: Regardless of if you have enough room for a 10-gallon fish tank or a full-room aquarium, Sandkings will adjust and control their growth to live comfortably in any size of an ecosystem you decide to place them in.

Sandkings is an original creation of George R.R. Martin. Site and materials found on this site belong to Abigail Yu.